You’re Angry, Aren’t You? Just Admit It


Anger is real.

It’s a physical reaction that rises up through our bodies. It is not evil. It is not hate. It just is what it is, a physical reaction to something that our mind is processing. An emotion.

People who are brought up to be submissive are taught that anger is bad. That is most of us. We are trained to deny or suppress anger as it rises up, but that energy does not then just disappear. It gets subverted on to the self, sometimes becoming depression or anxiety.

Or it gets projected onto easy targets.

Or it twists itself into hatred and impulsive violence.

Or it wreaks havoc in our bodies, causing issues like ulcers or heart disease. There’s several different paths subverted anger can take and none of them are healthy.

The healthiest anger is anger that is accepted, examined and processed.

I’m feeling angry. Anger is okay. What exactly is triggering this anger? Am I sure or is the cause something even deeper? Okay, I accept that. Now what am I going to do about it?

That is how you accept, examine and process anger. That last step, figuring out what to do about it, is the hardest and most important step.

Let’s try not to skip over it.

2 thoughts on “You’re Angry, Aren’t You? Just Admit It

  1. This post really resonates with me. I suppress my anger until sometimes it comes out ten fold in a situation that doesn’t warrant as much anger. I love the mindful approach you’ve given as an example and I hope to implement it in to my daily life.

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